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Research & Development

The start of our research activities dates back to the time of foundation of the company, when we attempted to find and elucidate the mechanisms of action of various drug substances which show cell activating, bio-defensive and immunomodulatory actions, on the basis of "Phagocytosis by Internal Lymphocytes" as advocated by Dr. Minouchi. Out of such research activities came out Stronger Neo-Minophagen® C (SNMC®) and Glycyron® Tablets both containing glycyrrhizin, a component of licorice extract, as the main active ingredient.  In September 2003 a new laboratory building was completed in our Zama site with state-of-art research facilities and supporting systems.  With the Pharmacological Research Department and the Product Development Department collaborating to form a multidisciplinary task force, and with an uptodate biotechnology and genetic information and tools, we implement research works to identify the mechanism of action of glycyrrhizin which exerts a variety of pharmacological actions and to explore different new therapeutic indications of the substance.  On the other hand, screening of biological active substances in naturally occurring substances, synthesis of new chemical molecule as well as pharmacological, safety and new formulation studies are performed along the line of our drug development programs.  To secure a broader perspectives of research orientation and to enhance research creativity, we have been engaged in research collaborations with external institutes or universities in and outside Japan.

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