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Located in a suburban town about 50 kilometers from central Tokyo and surrounded by abundant greens of trees, our Zama plant presents its figure of a modern and state-of-art production facilities in the 25,000 square-meter premise.  This plant was constructed in 1997 introducing high technologies and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) compliance and has been dedicated exclusive to a high-throughput production of Stronger Neo-Minophagen® C (SNMC®) ampoules.  In terms of its production capacity and output efficiency for glass and plastic ampoules of 20mL content, it has few comparisons in any part of the world.

Except where human involvement is essential, all operations, including washing, drying, sterilization and filling of ampoules, contaminant/pinhole inspections, microwave sterilization, labeling/packaging, cartoning and warehousing are fully automatically done. The full automatic system secures not only a high efficiency production but also a perfect cleanliness of the production environment. ln this plant all operations are performed and regulate on a hjgh ethical standard and in strict compliance with all related pharmaceutical laws, environmental laws, labor laws, fireprotection laws, toxic substance control regulations, etc. Further, we have an in-house organization specifically missioned for maintenance and improvement of manufacturing process to achieve our motto to manufacture products with high quality under strict control of quality and manufacturing process, as proposed by the GMP. For validation of our operation processes, quality tests, construction and setting of facilities, environments and supporting systems, we perform tests and inspections on plants, protocols and standards established on the basis of rigid scientific rationale. We have recently introduced an environmental management system (EMS) in our plant which is intended to maintain earth-friendly environments. For this our plant has obtained qualification of ISO 14001.

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