Overseas Activities


As a leading company for Glycyrrhizin preparation, Minophagen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been marketing its pharmaceutical products not only in Japan, but also in many foreign countries (China, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Laos and Cambodia).

Stable supply to the Chinese market, the largest in the world

In China, the largest number of patients suffering from viral hepatitis in the world, "Stronger Neo-Minophagen C" and "Glycyron Tablets" were approved in 1996 and have been marketed there since 1997. In the same year, we set up a representative office in Beijing. In China, there are about one hundred and seventy million viral careers suffering from chronic hepatitis. We will continue to offer high quality products and contribute to Chinese patient’s health.

Development in CIS countries

To satisfy the unmet medical needs of patients throughout the world, we have taken up the challenge of developing our business more extensively in emerging countries around the world. We secured the approval of "Stronger Neo-Minophagen C" and "Glycyron Tablets" in Armenia and Georgia in 2010. We are continuing to take up the challenge of contributing to the future of patients who are looking forward to better health in Russia.

Cooperation with alliance partners

We have been focusing our attention on development in Asia, in addition to the countries where our products are already being marketed. In particular, we will proceed with the development of "Stronger Neo-Minophagen C" by cooperating with alliance partners. We will continue to contribute to community medicine in Asian countries by providing high quality products to its extensive regions.

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