Company Profile

Corporate Philosophy

As a pharmaceutical manufacturer and distributor, we listen to customers’ requests sincerely and contribute to the health and welfare of people all over the world by providing safe,high-quality products.


We listen to social requests and expectations sincerely and pursue customer satisfaction thoroughly.


We aim to be a development-based company that provides original, high-quality products.


We aim to create a creative corporate culture of undertaking continuous innovation and responding immediately to changes.


We fulfill each employee’s desire to develop themselves and strive to create a workplace that motivates them to work and allows them to add meaning to their lives.

Quality Policy

We always comply with laws and regulations and constantly pursue to improve quality and safety in order to continue providing high quality pharmaceuticals.


We manage our human resources, processes, and systems to conduct our activities in a sincere and ethical manner in accordance with our quality management system.


We comply with laws, regulations, guidelines and industry rules related to GxP in our activities.


We utilize data and risk information effectively and always pursue customer satisfaction.


We enhance a quality-sensitive corporate culture, establish our technologies and workplace environments, and improve continuously.

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